Thursday, January 14, 2010


Frosty crocus, losing focus, bursting toward the light
Might it have been the best idea to wait another night?
Go means go, but when we do, it's an easy second guess
Do we win the race and die, or is life enough success?

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  1. Hi Stick! - You're actually a little famous for my husband and I. We heard about you at the Annapolis Boat Show - when we were visiting the Seaward Yacht display. We're looking to buy a sailboat and I was immediately attracted to Hake yachts (I like to rub that in with my husband :-). We got into a discussion with the Hake team at the show and we mentioned that my husband is blind. We were curious what their experiences might have been with disabled sailors. They immediately mentioned that they were building a boat for you! So, my husband (Bill) found your blog and we've been following it. Your boat is beautiful. Please keep blogging and let us know how you like the boat. We're saving right now for a Seaward 26 and curious to find out about your experiences. (We were pretty impressed with the Hake team and the boats. They beat the others at the boat show hands down).

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!
    Mary E. Malyszka (