Monday, September 24, 2012

God is Bigger

Daily Dose #2

God is Bigger

Those of us who are inclined to believe that there’s an intelligence out in Life, the Universe and Everything that is greater than our own, and that there is a mystical/spiritual aspect to our existence, sometimes tend to frame our “belief” in a way that marginalizes our perception of God.  I call it “God in the box.”  Over the past decade, I’ve been actively trying to let God out of the box by reminding myself that God is bigger…bigger than the myriad religious dogmas, bigger than my mental and emotional limitations, and especially bigger than my fear.

Fear is the opposite of joy according to A Course in Miracles, a very interesting and thought provoking text that I am currently reading.  I’ve also been listening to the lectures of Jacob Glass, a CIM teacher for over 20 years.  Since I believe that having one’s spiritual house in some kind of constructive order should lead to joy, I’ve determined to turn away from everything fear based in my life.  Letting God out of the box I’ve created in order to feel like I’m in control has had an interesting effect on me.  By freeing God up to do whatever it is God does, I seem to have far more energy and time available to attend to the one thing I suspect I’m primarily supposed to be responsible for: me.

So I’m going to try to keep my eyes on my own paper at lot more in 2012, and I’m going to be prospecting for joy…every day.   On the surface of it, seeking joy might sound a little selfish and self-serving, but then how can a fearful person share joy with others?  Fearful people tend to spread fear. 

I think I will spread joy today.

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