Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Joy Connection

Dailey Dose #8

The Joy Connection

Joy is supposed to be the norm.  I believe that.  When I remain connected to my Source, I feel an abiding sense of gratefulness and thanksgiving.  My blessings and the overwhelming evidence of grace pervades everything I think, see, feel, and do.  Being “in the Spirit” is a phrase which conjures up all manner of strange and bizarre images, but I believe that it is simply a condition in which we are in touch with our spiritual Source, open to seeing and being thankful for the grace in our lives.

When I lose touch with Source, I become dis-Spirited.  Spirit never leaves, but I lose my focus upon it.  Like the old adage about computers, “garbage in, garbage out,” the data I permit into my brain has a profound effect on how I feel.  The media, and even the people I pal around with, are either drawing my attention to the positive drum beat of grace, or the banging cacophony of the dis-Spirited. 
TV news, more and more, runs an endless cycle of the same sad stories.  Newspapers long ago learned that “if it bleeds, it leads.”  But there aren’t enough hours in the day, even for dedicated all day news stations, to tell a fraction of the good news: stories about neighbors helping neighbors, young people making good decisions, teachers reaching kids and making them want to learn, and people being kind just because they are kind.

Today I will strive to maintain my connection to joy.

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