Monday, October 8, 2012

Battle Mode

Daily Dose #19

Battle Mode

I often think of the movie Michael, starring John Travolta, in the context of my own attitude re-adjustment.  The soundtrack is one of my favorites, and Bonnie Raitt’s version of the Randy Newman song, “Feels Like Home to Me” gets to me every time I hear it.  Travolta plays the aging Archangel, Michael, with aplomb, and as he tenderly, but slovenly, looks after Maureen Stapleton, William Hurt, Andie McDowell, et al, he clearly looks back fondly to his glory days as God’s mighty champion who took on Satan in single combat.  For example, when he comes upon a huge bull in a nearby pasture, he cries “battle!” and literally charges head-first into the fray.

I have resembled that remark far too many times, crying “battle!” for no other reason than to prove I could.  Proving I was right seemed so important, and the idea of straightening someone out and saving them from their wrong-headed thinking always seemed so noble and heroic, but the minute we go into battle mode, we cease to attract peace, and thus, joy, into our lives.  The “law of attraction” gives us just what we’ve asked for every time.

Today I will seek peace, and try to be open to receive all the joy that Life, the Universe, and Everything has to offer…’cause that feels like home to me!

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