Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In My Experience….

Daily Dose #13

In My Experience….

If my experience teaches me anything, it’s how often I’ve missed learning any lesson of value.  Experience is supposed to be the greatest teacher, right?  And yet if I'm honest with myself, I missed the proverbial boat more times than I’d care to admit.  Why is this?  Each experience I have is (1) real, (2) an opportunity to learn and grow, and (3) a chance to have a positive effect on my world, but I seem to have squandered many of those opportunities.

I believe that the fly in my particular ointment has to do with my preconceptions, my misperceptions, and my state of consciousness.   I bring a lot of baggage to each new experience; and because I often fail to truly live in the now, I have ideas about what I might experience and how it might impact me before it ever happens.  Then I compound this snare by applying past flawed thinking to new situations.  Both of these mental projections tend to close down my awareness and stifle my state of consciousness in the moment when I most need to be open-minded.   It’s a little like sitting alone in the locker room, watching old game tapes of a team that I’m not playing today, all while the real game has already begun outside on the field.

Today I will attempt to drop any old baggage that prevents me from being totally in the moment.  I will strive to experience Life, the Universe, and Everything as it is, rather than as I thought it was yesterday.

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